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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Another type of stats counter

Someone else wants me to use their stats page, which looks like the Clara stats page I use for another of my blogs. Problem is, this stats page gives me figures that are significantly higher - up to 50% higher sometimes - than Sitemeter gives me. This may be partly due to the fact that you can't configure it to ignore visits from your own machine, but it can't just be that.

Anyway, it seems unfair to allow this in, especially seeing as sites that use Extreme Tracking have their visits undercounted compared to Sitemeter. To that, I'm tempted to say "Tough - use Sitemeter as well if it really bothers you", but if I let this new guy's type of stats page in, that really makes it apples and oranges and grapefruits. But then I'd prefer to be inclusive, even if it means some inaccuracy.

Any thoughts? Should I just limit it to Sitemeter sites? Or Sitemeter, ET and CQ Counter?


  • Maye the solution is to note which sites use which counting software - perhaps an asterisk by all non-Sitemeter blogs in the list to note that they're not being counted by a common standard?

    Or - and I understand if this might be too much work - when you go to a weekly chart, you could do two - one for all blogs, however they're counted, and one just for Sitemeter totals?

    By Blogger Nick, at 4:33 pm  

  • You've a very strange idea of what constitutes a "British Blog". It's clear as day that more than one of your list is written abroad. On another point, I take it Nedstat's out of the question?

    By Blogger peter, at 5:00 pm  

  • I might go for the asterisk thing. Don't think I can be bothered with the extra chart, though. If people are that concerned they can simply add Sitemeter to their page.

    >You've a very strange idea of what constitutes a "British Blog". It's clear as day that more than one of your list is written abroad. On another point, I take it Nedstat's out of the question?

    I don't think it's strange to have expats in if they write about Britian. It's more debatable whether expats who don't write about Britain at all should be included.

    By Blogger britishblogs, at 6:41 pm  

  • It's your blog, so you can and should do what you like. If it was me, I'd standardise on one measuring tool, so that comparisons can more easily be made.

    What to standardise on? Sitemeter is the most popular and the TTLB ecosystem uses it.

    By Anonymous Phil Hunt, at 8:34 pm  

  • If you did standardise, then you'd have to call yourself the British Sitemeter Blogs Top Ten, as those of us who didn't use that particular service would then be excluded.

    By Blogger diamond geezer, at 9:00 pm  

  • >I take it Nedstat's out of the question?

    Don't know. Haven't come across it yet.

    By Blogger britishblogs, at 9:41 pm  

  • Only SiteMeter. Definitely.

    By Blogger David Weman, at 12:21 am  

  • Definitely not only Sitemeter. This list's obviously not comprehensive and a bit of fun an' all that, but as DG implies "British Blogs Top Ten (who run Sitemeter)" is - let's face it - not quite so interesting. Extreme is pretty popular, and I see Netstat a lot (it's the one you saw on Naked Blog).

    Phil's right - it's your blog, but you're putting a lot of work in to it, and I guess you want to be as inclusive as poss.

    By Blogger JonnyB, at 9:09 am  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger JonnyB, at 9:14 am  

  • And don't forget StatCounter which we use - though as you will know you can get any of the figures you want out of that (page loads, uniques, returning etc).

    I don't think anyone would go to the bother of changing their stats just to be included in this top ten - I know we wouldn't.

    By Blogger mmChronic, at 9:40 am  

  • Hmm I'm late to this party. I'm an ET user and yes it is lower than my own server run stats analysis.

    Bit of a quandary this ain't it. Let's go back to your original aims though: "The point of this site ... to provide a convenient and interesting place where new UK blog readers might start from."

    So, isn't it more about the listing than the actual number? If you have a master list you can also publish other lists - LOWEST number of hits? Or a mid-table top 20 or something?

    I say publish the list regardless of StatCounter. If people want to get higher up the list (into the top 20 say) then the onus would be on THEM to change their stat counter.

    Just my tuppence worth.

    By Blogger Gordon, at 12:59 pm  

  • P.S. The expat issue - What would they put on their passport form?

    If it's British then include them. If it's not then don't (I take a similar view with Scottish Blogs ex-pats).

    By Blogger Gordon, at 1:02 pm  

  • >it's your blog, but you're putting a lot of work in to it.

    From next week I won't be! Updates once a week at most.

    By Blogger britishblogs, at 2:28 pm  

  • Hmmm.... I think I'll try running both and see how they differ.

    By Blogger Tom Reynolds, at 4:09 pm  

  • Why not save yourself a world of hassle and do a top 20 for each of the counters.

    Then nobody is excluded.

    I'm a genius I am!

    By Blogger Kevin, at 4:24 pm  

  • You mention that eXTReMe tracking undercounts, but when I visited, where this and Sitemeter are present, I found Sitemeter to be offering the lowest figure.

    By Blogger Stephen Newton, at 6:18 pm  

  • Sorry to post again, but I didn't really answer your question. Why don't you accept any reputable third party counter? If people think their counter is undercounting, tell them to change to one that counts everything.

    By Blogger Stephen Newton, at 6:52 pm  

  • By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:03 pm  

  • By Blogger Saim Khan, at 5:03 pm  

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