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Monday, February 21, 2005

Blog storm!

Seeing as people are actually looking at this silly blog, I've enabled comments. Please post your considered comments. I'd like to see some left-right rapprochement, and mutual understanding. (Nah, bugger that. Let the venom flow! But remember that what you say may one day have you up before some Standards Board, and if I'm heading it, you're toast).

Cultured Dave wrote:
>The Magistrate's Blog, Emerald Bile (Ulster), and
Chase me ladies, I'm in the cavalry could all make the

Thanks Dave. I missed the Sitemeter icon at The Magistrates Blog, because it was right at the bottom. Don't know how I missed the one at Chase Me Ladies. Didn't think to check out ol' Ball Bag. Good spot.

Mark Kaplan wrote:

>I'm currently averaging about 120 hits per day, but perhaps you average the figures over the year?

Christ, how would I manage that? I mean.... yes of course I do, using my sophisticated mathematical knowledge, and year-long preparation for the research behind this blog.

Seriously Mark, let me know the name of your blog. Your name rings a bell, but after looking at thousands of sites I'm all shagged out mentally.

Mark at Cage of Monkeys tells me that he gets 138 hits a day. But I also see that he's Welsh. 138 hits from your Mum doesn't count, Mark. (Actually, looking at Mark's stats, they're almost all Google and Yahoo searches. What the hell's the story there, fella? Mum gone mad?)

Thanks also to the tons of people who e-mailed today. I shall update tomorrow, rather than next year as I originally planned. And I shall try to be accurate*, despite the frivolous tone of this blog.

PLUS Stay turned for Normblog revelations!

*Except where this conflicts with the demands of humour.

P.S. It's Andy at Cage of Monkeys, nor Mark.


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