British Blogs Top Ten

Sunday, February 20, 2005

The British Blogs Top Ten

This blog will chart the most popular British blogs, based on their stat page figures. This means that those blogs who don't have publicly accessible stat pages don't make the chart. Which means Samizdata, reputedly the most popular British blog, won't appear, and tons of others won't either. All I can say to them is, if you want to be in the Top Ten, put your stats up, or make them publicly accessible. (Try Sitemeter, for example).

Here's the current Top Ten, as of Sunday 20 February, 2005:

1. Biased BBC: 1331 average daily readers
2. Policeman’s Blog: 1082
3. Tim Worstall: 1071
4. Daily Ablution: 786
5. Lenin’s Tomb: 727
6. Fistful of Euros: 683
7. Englishman’s Castle: 569
8. EU Referendum: 469
9. Stephen Pollard: 426
10. Pootergeek: 408

And the next 15:

11. Blithering Bunny: 401
12. Conservative Commentary: 348
13. Nick Barlow: 222
14. USS Neverdock: 220
15. Public Interest: 213
16. Plep: 186
17. Virtual Stoa: 169
18. Mischievous Constructions: 165
19. Blimpish: 141
20. Freedom and Whiskey: 129
21. Doctor Vee: 101
22. EU Serf: 93
23. Scottish Independence: 90
24. The Cabarfeidh Pages (Highland Warriors): 70
25. EU Realist: 54

If you know of any British sites that have bigger figures than this, which I've missed, let me know.

The point of this site, I should add, is not so much to create a fuss about viewing figures, because popularity isn't everything, but to provide a convenient and interesting place where new UK blog readers might start from.

Note: Although I couldn't access The Policeman's Blog or Pootergeek's Sitemeter figures, these figures were listed at Truth Laid Bear.

Speaking of Truth Laid Bear, why not use the ranking-by-links method that Truth Laid Bear uses? Two reasons: (1) That system seems to unfairly favour those who got into the blogosphere early. In fact, many dead sites are still ranked highly on this method, because estalished bloggers rarely update their blogrolls. (2) I can't be bothered.