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Sunday, February 27, 2005

I probably won't be updating the chart again, because this site has served its purpose of providing a bit of publicity for British blogs, and providing some new blogs for us all to look at (as well as giving me a look at how Blogger works). Spending more time on it would be a bit pointless, really.

There is also the problem that a look at referrer logs reveals that quite a few sites get most of their traffic from Google searches - esp. from Google Images - for pictures of actresses and models. If I removed those sites from the chart, the complaint could be made that there are other sites on the chart whose referrer logs are not available, and who knows what sort of traffic they're getting?

But as the site has proved popular, I'll leave it up as a resource for people who may stumble onto it looking for info on blogs. Tim Worstall's weekly Britblog Roundup is also recommended (this week's is here).

P.S. Perry from Samizdata has revealed to me that Samizdata got an average of 9376 viewers a day last week.


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