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Monday, February 21, 2005

Jonny B says:

Interesting project, but I don't envy the work involved...

Troubled Diva - 452
Scaryduck - 411
er - me - 354
Little Red Boat - 311

(hope that HTML comes out)

And that's just a quick sample off the top of my head. Naked Blog does 700-800 page views a day. Random Acts of Reality I think gets around 5000 readers a day.

Good luck.

Actually, there won't be that much work involved, now that I've got together a list of those blogs which have stats - quite a small proportion of all the blogs out there. I'll just check the more popular ones now and then.

If a new blog has stats, they can let me know. Or if an obscure blog suddenly becomes popular, they can also let me know.


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