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Monday, February 21, 2005

mmChronic said...

Isn't the point to make the stats available to the public rather than people just reporting a number as they could just say anything? Not that I'm casting any doubts like! ;)

Also if you have a frequently updated blog (like New Links) aren't page loads a valid count? We have visitors coming back repeatedly during the day to see if there are (and there there usually has been) any updates.

Mind you I'm also happy to be counted by unique visitors as we do alright in that
department too.

The "official" list will only be from publicly available stats. I'll also post a "self-reporting" top ten now and then, but that won't be where the main game is.

Repeat visitors count.

It should be noted that you can (I think) set up Sitemeter so that your visitor numbers show, but not your referrers, so if you don't want your referrers showing, you can still have your numbers out there.

Tim Worstall said:
There is a way to automate this. No, I don’t know how to, but NZ Bear at TTLB does. He takes sitemeter stats but looks at the average of the last seven days. Pretty sure that if you write to him he’ll explain the code.

I'm like a recovering alcoholic with anything involving programming. I just can't touch the stuff at all, otherwise before you know it I've been up til 5 every morning for weeks on end and my life is falling to pieces. Anyway, if I do it manually it'll be crappier and thus more controversial, and so more fun. And it wouldn't be fair to use NZBear's code.



    is how technorati do it.

    By Blogger Fist, at 11:24 am  

  • Like I said elsewhere, if you don’t have a sitemeter hidden somewhere, you’re comparing apples and oranges. Different stat tools have very different definitions of visits. Awstats thinks we have a daily avg. of 2381.61 visits, Webalizer says 3285.

    By Blogger David Weman, at 5:26 pm  

  • ignore the "if you don’t have a sitemeter hidden somewhere" part. i was cutting and pasting and not paying attention.

    By Blogger David Weman, at 5:31 pm  

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