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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Top Ten, Saturday 26 February, 2005

The Top Ten for Saturday 26 February, 2005:

1. Andrew Sullivan: 32 774 average daily visits.
2. A Welsh View: 7181
3. *Arseblog: 3937
4. Harry's Place: 2727
5. Normblog: 2347
6. Tim Worstall: 1504
7. No Rock and Roll Fun: 1495
8. Biased BBC: 1438
9. *Plastic Bag: 1354
10. +New Links: 1202

The 10 to 20 chart:

11. The Policeman’s Blog: 1188
=12. *Random Acts of Reality: 1051
=12. *Girl With A One-Track Mind: 1051
14. Beyond Northern Iraq: 1020
15. My Boyfriend is a Twat: 967
16. Daily Ablution: 901
17. Chase Me Ladies: 870
18. Fistful of Euros: 823
19. *Scary Duck: 814
20. Petite Anglaise: 805

And also:

21. Lenin’s Tomb: 730
22. *Parallax View: 647
23. Blissblog: 622
24. Tokyo Times: 599
25. *Little Red Boat: 596
26. An Englishman’s Castle: 575
27. Troubled Diva: 552
28. +EU Referendum: 542
29. * 538
30. Law West of Ealing Broadway: 518
31. JonnyB’s Private Secret Diary: 484
32. Edge of England's Sword: 482
33. Cabalamat Journal: 461
34. Call Centre Confidential: 424
35. Blithering Bunny: 409
36. Conservative Commentary: 399
37. *Green Fairy: 382
38. New York London Paris Munich: 374
39. British Blogs Top Ten: 367
40. Naked Blog: 349
41. Shot By Both Sides: 344
42. Virtual Stoa: 317
=43. Eric the Unread: 298
=43. What You Can Get Away With: 298
45. USS Neverdock: 271
46. *Laban Tall (UK Commentators): 265
47. Public Interest: 237
48. Plep: 216
49. Blimpish: 196
50. Emerald Bile: 179

* Sites that use Extreme Tracking rather than Sitemeter (which may undercount compared to Sitemeter).
+Sites that use another type of counter, such as CQ Counter.

Use comments to inform me of omissions or mistakes (I may not have got everyone who left comments or e-mailed).


(1) If you don't have a publicly available stats counter of the right sort, you can't be in the game (and yes, I am well aware that there are big blogs out there who aren't included as a result). But you can arrange with me to check your stats periodically. But you have to have Sitemeter, Extreme Tracking, CQ Counter or another approved sort of counter.

(2) Some popular sites have shown me their stats, but I've decided their stats package isn't comparable enough to Sitemeter: Lost Seouls, Copydesk. Clearly these sites are popular, though, and deserve a mention. Well done, fellas. But you'll need to get Sitemeter or something similar to get on the official chart.

(3) It looks like Andrew Sullivan is not a US citizen (according to a bit of Googling), so he's eligible.

(4) I am not being paid by Sitemeter, though if Sitemeter had any advertising smarts they would have set up something similar themselves (so maybe he is being paid by Sitemeter, you're thinking - well, do you think I would really only have three Ferrari's if I was? Wouldn't I have at least four, or even more?)

Question: Does Extreme Tracking ignore hits from your own machine (or can it be set to do so)?


  • I believe Extreme does ignore your own visits. The graphic doesn't serve when I access my site from my PC.

    OK then, if I give you a pound, put my site in bold type, would you?

    By Blogger JonnyB, at 1:50 pm  

  • A pound? How much petrol is that going to put in my Ferrari?

    By Blogger britishblogs, at 2:02 pm  

  • I stole your idea:There are some british blogs there that's not on your list.

    By Blogger David Weman, at 4:35 pm  

  • Extreme can be set to ignore your own visits, but it's not the default. I choose to ignore mine because I think otherwise I'm artificially increasing my visitor count.

    By Blogger diamond geezer, at 9:22 am  

  • DG is probably right (and knows more about these things than I). I actually lost my password months ago, so haven't a clue what the options are.

    By Blogger JonnyB, at 9:26 am  

  • A pound? How much petrol is that going to put in my Ferrari?About a pound's worth, I guess.

    By Blogger Nick, at 11:47 am  

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