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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Top Ten, Wednesday 23 February 2005:

The Top Ten for Wednesday 23 February, 2005:

1. Andrew Sullivan: 32716 average daily visits.
2. A Welsh View: 7020.
3. Normblog: 2914
4. Tim Worstall: 1484
5. No Rock and Roll Fun: 1440
6. Biased BBC: 1435
7. New Links: 1173
8. The Policeman’s Blog: 1133
9. Random Acts of Reality: 1051
10. My Boyfriend is a Twat: 1047

And also:

11. Daily Ablution: 893
12. Scary Duck: 814
13. Chase Me Ladies: 812
14. Fistful of Euros: 806
15. Petit Anglaise: 752
16. Lenin’s Tomb: 712
17. Foreign Dispatches: 691
18. Little Red Boat: 596
19. Blissblog: 574
20. An Englishman’s Castle: 563
21. EU Referendum: 542
22. 538
23. Troubled Diva: 507
24. Cabalamat Journal: 443
25. Call Centre Confidential: 421
26. Law West of Ealing Broadway: 410
27. Blithering Bunny: 402
28. greenfairydotcom: 382
29. JonnyB’s Private Secret Diary: 372
30. Conservative Commentary: 369
31. British Blogs Top Ten: 313
32. Eric the Unread: 296
33. What You Can Get Away With: 267
34. USS Neverdock: 266
35. Virtual Stoa: 260
36. Public Interest: 225
37. Plep: 211
38. Charlotte Street: 192
39. Blimpish: 177
40. Mischievous Constructions: 168

Use comments to inform me of omissions or mistakes.


(1) I am now using a different method to get the averages from those sites that use Extreme Tracking (which are Random Reality, Little Red Boat, Scary Duck, greenfairydotcom, and I take the total visits from the last week, and divide it by 7. I do this because the "Average" figure that ET gives seems to be an average for the whole time ET has been tracking the site, which may under-report the numbers for those sites who started off low but who gained readers as time has gone on. (If you think this is the wrong way to do it, please leave a comment.) This means that the figures for these sites are considerably up on yesterday. (I did a similar thing for EU Referendum, which uses CQ Counter.)

(2) This is just a bit of silly fun. Popularity isn't that big a deal. Don't get too worked up about these charts (unless you can do so amusingly).

(3)Take the figures with a grain of salt. Different counters use different methods. Some blogs get lots of repeat readers, especially those which have comments. And the traffic of some blogs is mostly made up of Google searches.

(4) If you don't have a publicly available stats counter, you can't be in the game (and yes, I am well aware that there are big blogs out there who aren't included as a result).

(5) If you don't have a publicly available stats counter, feel free to send in an daily average at some stage for inclusion in the "Self-Reporter's Chart", which will appear now and then. (Send in a single figure only, though, not a range). Or else allow for me to have access once a week (as eventually this chart will become weekly).


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